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A First-Class Draught Excluder – The Hairy Worm

Fitting draught excluders is one of the most cost effective ways to increase the thermal efficiency of any building. Modern building materials have been developed at great cost to control the loss of heat, and thereby limit the energy used by heating and air conditioning systems. However, if there are gaps between these materials, the impact of all this hard work will be severely limited.

Woven brush piles are an advanced yet simple technology aimed at closing those gaps. Brush Pile draught excluders prevent air from convecting, carrying heat away on currents through the gaps in doors and windows. These affordable strips will slot into the existing grooves in door and window frames, filling in the gaps and stopping the heat from getting out.

Any material which must stand up to being repeatedly compressed must be tough, so our Hairy Worm woven brush piles for doors are made from high performing nylon, and are available in a vast range of sizes. Gaps as small as 2.5mm, or as wide as 18mm can be sealed, even if the gap is not consistent along its whole length. This means that even if doors or windows - or their frames - are warped out of shape, Culley's Hairy Worm will still do the job! This is a BS 7386 certified draught excluder, and is currently making a positive impact on the whole industry.

The brush piles for sale from George Culley are made from a tough material which makes a good replacement for brush strips and rubber seals in many cases. By browsing our catalogue, you will be able to determine which size will best suit your needs. With our brush pile excluders for sale UK buildings will be warmer than ever!

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Culley's Hairy Worm is available in a non-adhesive grade that conveniently slides into existing aluminium grooves. Used extensively by door and window contractors, we stock this model at an extremely competitive price.

Non-Adhesive Grades

Wide-Ranging Products

Our brush seals benefit from high-performing nylon 6 filaments. There are hundreds of permutations with different aluminium carriers and brush trims, and we stick 100-3000mm in most sizes. You are sure to benefit from our vast section of carriers and inserts.

Timber Rebate Seals

These seals are highly capable as a draught proofing or cold smoke sealing solution. Our molar major option is suitable for solid timber doors, as they are 16mm deep and 8mm wide. We also have a molar minor option that fits timber joinery, including sliding timber sash windows. Fitting grooves of 6mm x 9mm, they are a cost-effective solution.

The Finned Culley's Hairy Worm

This option achieves incredibly high standards in draught proofing and cold smoke sealing. Please ask our friendly team for more details about this product.

Further Products

A range of solutions are available from George Culley. A pin named AEROGUARD has been a top-selling product since 1981, and we are experts in rubber extrusions, EPDM, and silicone. Our team also supply our own special grades and colours to create a truly tailored service.

Obtain a competitively priced brush seal from our trustworthy team. Contact us for more details about our draught exclusion products.