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Increasing Efficiency – Choose Our Draught Excluding Products


Bespoke Extrusions

Increase the functionality of your property with our first-class draught extrusions. These extrusions are suitable on a wide-range of surfaces.


Save Money

As a premier supplier of draught excluders, we always ensure that you receive value for money. Increase the efficiency of your project with our help.


Silicone Specialists

Our rubber draught excluders benefit from a range of characteristics,

and they don’t crack in the sunlight or split in the cold.


Strips & Seals

Receive a set of tailored brush strips and seals from our talented team. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge to assist you.

Very often, the best solution to a problem is a simple idea, executed well. The draught excluders and seals we produce at Culley's Hairy Worm are simple in concept, but by employing high-grade materials and precise manufacturing methods, we are able to make products which can make a big difference to our customers’ properties.

The advantages of high quality, well fitting brush strips and rubber draught excluders include:
- Weather resistance
- Noise reduction
- Draught prevention
- Dust control
- Heat retention and energy saving

By sealing the gaps around the windows and doors of your building, you can efficiently control the environment inside the structure without unnecessarily wasting power on heating or air conditioning systems. At a time when environmental concerns are higher in the public consciousness than ever before, and all property owners must obtain energy performance certificates which rate the efficiency of their buildings, you’d be surprised what a difference these small but sturdy little devices can make. Remember: heat can escape through a gap all day every day, so over time quality draught excluders will really prove their worth.

In environments where noise and dust can be an issue, effective industrial door draught excluders and seals are a must. We use silicone extrusions to make door seals which will stand the test of time, and will not degrade or crack due to heat, cold, sunlight, or rough treatment. These extrusions are complimented by other specialist materials such as architectural aluminium, in order to create products which will remain effective for years.
We have even been able to fulfil unusual requests such as draught excluders for church doors and aircraft hangars, so test us out!
Don’t let all your hard work fall between the cracks. Contact our friendly an professional team today, and let us find the ideal solution to your needs.

Contact our friendly team for more details about our draught excluders and window seals.

About Us

With more than 40 years in business, choose our trustworthy team to receive a standout service. Serving clients throughout the UK, we are experts in the draught excluding industry, and we assist business both large and small across the country. Our unique products, fast delivery, and excellent customer service are sure to appeal, and we use a high-quality adhesive to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you’re sealing a window or an aircraft hangar, find the perfect product at Culley's Hairy Worm.